Heinz Veggie Pasta with Cheese Porridge Baby Food 7+ Months 200g

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Elevate your baby’s taste adventure with Heinz Veggie Pasta with Cheese Porridge Baby Food 7+ Months 200g, a delectable blend crafted for little ones aged 7 months and older. This savory medley brings together the goodness of vibrant vegetables, tender pasta, and the creamy richness of cheese, creating a delightful symphony of flavors for your baby’s developing palate.

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Heinz Veggie Pasta with Cheese Porridge Baby Food 7+ Months 200g


Tomato, carrot, cheese and pasta cereal with added vitamins and minerals.

Good value, great taste

With added iron

No palm oil

Soft pieces for more texture

With no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Suitable for vegetarians

Heinz baby food: Rise and shine to easy peasy meal times. With more texture and soft pieces this porridge is tailored to your 7+ months baby!

Iron contributes to normal cognitive development in children

Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

Green Dot


Table of Nutritional Information

  Per 100g dry cereal Per portion* %LRV† per portion
Energy 1593 kJ 486 kJ
376 kcal 115 kcal
Fat 2.3 g 2.7 g
– of which saturates 1 g 0.9 g
Carbohydrate 77 g 20 g
– of which sugars 6 g 6.8 g
Fibre 4.7 g 1.1 g
Protein 9.5 g 2.6 g
Salt 0.68 g 0.17 g
*Per 18g cereal when made up with 70ml of your baby’s usual milk
1 pack = 11 portions

Table of Vitamins and Minerals Information

  Per 100g dry cereal Per portion* %LRV† per portion
Vitamin A 450 µg 123 µg 31 %
Vitamin D 7.6 µg 2.5 µg 25 %
Vitamin E 7 mg 2 mg
Vitamin C 35 mg 13 mg 52 %
Thiamin 0.7 mg 0.2 mg 37 %
Riboflavin 0.8 mg 0.3 mg 36 %
Niacin 10 mg 2.2 mg 24 %
Vitamin B6 0.8 mg 0.2 mg 31 %
Folic Acid 100 µg 28.6 µg 29 %
Vitamin B12 0.8 µg 0.3 µg 39 %
Calcium 320 mg 98.4 mg 25 %
Iron 7.2 mg 2 mg 33 %
Zinc 4.7 mg 1.2 mg 30 %
†The LRV (Labelling Reference Value) is the amount of vitamin or minerals needed per day to meet the requirements of infants and young children

Wholesome Ingredients, Wholesome Development: Heinz Veggie Pasta with Cheese Porridge Baby Food 7+ Months 200g is a testament to Heinz’s commitment to providing nourishing options for your growing bundle of joy. Packed with a variety of veggies and delightful pasta, it’s a nutritional powerhouse that supports your baby’s journey into a world of tastes and textures.

Nutrient-Rich Goodness: Watch your little one thrive as they enjoy a balanced meal filled with essential nutrients. From vitamins fostering healthy growth to minerals supporting bone development, each spoonful is a step towards a bright and healthy future.

Texture Exploration: Encourage your baby’s sensory exploration with a texture that strikes the perfect balance. The Veggie Pasta with Cheese Porridge boasts a velvety smoothness combined with small, soft pasta pieces, creating an engaging eating experience that nurtures both taste and texture development.

Free from the Unwanted: Rest easy knowing that Heinz Veggie Pasta with Cheese Porridge is crafted with care, free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. It’s a pure and natural choice, mirroring the thoughtfulness of homemade meals.

Convenience in Every Jar: Designed to fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle, this baby food comes in a convenient jar, containing 7+ months of wholesome goodness in every serving. Whether you’re at home or on the go, serving a nutritious and delicious meal is as easy as a twist of the lid.

Culinary Creativity for Little Tastebuds: Heinz Veggie Pasta with Cheese Porridge isn’t just a meal; it’s a culinary journey for your little one. Let them discover the joy of diverse flavors and embark on a delightful adventure with every bite.


Heinz Veggie Pasta with Cheese Porridge Baby Food 7+ Months 200g contains:

 cFlours  (76%, Rice, Hydrolysed Rice Flour, Maize), Pasta (6%, made from Durum Wheat Semolina), Maltodextrin, Tomato (2%), Inulin, Flavourings  (contain Milk), Cheese Powder (2%, contains Milk), Carrot (2%), Milk Proteins, Onion, Minerals (Calcium, Zinc, Iron), Vitamins (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Niacin, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Vitamin B12)

Allergy Information
May contain Soya.
Net Contents
200g ℮

Contains Milk

May Contain Soya

Contains Wheat

Free From Artificial Colours

Free From Artificial Flavours

Free From Artificial Preservatives

Allergy Advice
May contain Soya.


Store in a cool, dry place away from odours. Use within 4 weeks of opening. Contents are liable to settle after packing.
Best before: see base of pack


Easy prep of Heinz Veggie Pasta with Cheese Porridge Baby Food 7+ Months 200g

Just add milk: Add approx. 70ml of your baby’s usual warm milk to 18g of cereal in a bowl and stir well. Allow to stand for approx. 2 minutes to cool and to soften the pieces. Check the temperature before serving. This is a guide, you can prepare Heinz cereals to the texture and quantity your baby loves.
Tip: For every level spoonful of cereal add 3 spoonfuls of milk and stir well.

Advice: We support the WHO recommendation on exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months and continuing with breast milk until at least 2 years of age, when possible. Before starting to introduce solid food ask your health visitor or GP for advice

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