Heinz Peach Multigrain Porridge Baby Food 7+ Months


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Heinz Peach Multigrain Porridge Baby Food 7+ Months, specially crafted for little ones aged 7 months and older, offers a delightful blend of wholesome ingredients. This nutritious porridge combines the goodness of multigrains with the natural sweetness of peaches, providing a tasty and balanced meal for your growing baby. Packed with essential nutrients, it supports your baby’s development while introducing them to the delicious flavors of a diverse and healthy diet. Heinz Peach Multigrain Porridge is a convenient and nourishing choice to ensure your little one enjoys a delightful and nutritious feeding experience.

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Heinz Peach Multigrain Porridge Baby Food 7+ Months


  • Multigrain Porridge with Peach for your Baby
  • Includes Rice, Maize, Millet Oats, Whey Powder, Milk, Peach & more
  • Matches nutrition need for healthy baby growth
  • Nutritious baby food with natural sweetness and flavors
  • Contains no artificial sweeteners & flavors
  • Packaged under protective environment
  1. Age Appropriateness: The product is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of babies who are 7 months old or older.
  2. Ingredients:  It may contain a blend of peach puree, multigrain cereals, and other ingredients suitable for a baby’s diet.
  3. Nutritional Information:  Look for information on key nutrients like vitamins and minerals important for a baby’s growth and development.
  4. Texture: Baby foods for this age group may have a texture that is appropriate for babies who are transitioning to more solid foods but still require a smoother consistency.
  5. No Artificial Additives: Many baby food products aim to minimize or exclude artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives
Nutritional Values
Typical values
Per 100g dry cereal
Per portion*
1641 kJ
492 kJ
388 kcal
116 kcal
5.4 g
1.6 g
– of which saturates
0.9 g
0.3 g
67 g
20 g
– of which sugars
28 g
8.4 g
4.4 g
1.3 g
16 g
4.7 g
0.25 g
0.08 g
Vitamin A
450 µg
135 µg
Vitamin D
7.6 µg
2.3 µg
Vitamin E
7.0 mg
2.1 mg
Vitamin C
35 mg
11 mg
0.8 mg
0.2 mg
0.7 mg
0.2 mg
10 mg
3.0 mg
Vitamin B6
0.8 mg
0.2 mg
Folic Acid
100 µg
30.0 µg
Vitamin B12
0.6 µg
0.2 µg
450 mg
135 mg
7.5 mg
2.3 mg
5.0 mg
1.5 mg
*Per 30g cereal when made up with 90ml water
The LRV (Labelling Reference Value) is the amount of vitamin or mineral needed per day to meet the requirements of infants and young children
1 pack = 7 portions
Heinz Peach Multigrain Porridge Baby Food 7+ Months
Preparation and Usage:
Easy prep
Just add water: Add approx. 90ml of boiled water to 30g of cereal in a bowl and stir. Allow to stand for approx. 2 minutes to cool and to soften the pieces. Check the temperature before serving. This is a guide, you can prepare Heinz cereals to the texture and quantity your baby loves.
Tip: For every level spoonful of cereal add 3 spoonfuls of boiled water and stir well.Advice: We support the WHO recommendation on exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months and continuing with breast milk until at least 2 years of age, when possible. Before starting to introduce solid food ask your health visitor or GP for advice.

Flours  (Oat(27%),  Hydrolysed Wheat (17%),Maize(6%)), Skimmed  Milk  Powder  (25%), Oat Flakes ( 8%) Peach Flakes(5%) , Demineralised Whey Powder (from Milk) ,  Rapeseed Oil  ,   Apple Flakes ( 2%), Maltodextrin ,Flavoring, Minerals (Calcium, Zinc, Iron),Vitamins(Vitamin C, Niacin B3 , Vitamin E, Vitamin B6  , Thiamin B1,  Vitamin A , Riboflavin B2,Folic   Acid ,Vitamin D, Vitamin B12)


Store in a cool , dry place away from odours. Use within 6 weeks of opening. Contents are liable to settle after packing. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

For more instructions: Visit https://adora.baby/guide

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HEINZ:         Visit https://www.kraftheinzcompany.com/



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